Princess Poppy
Where has Poppy's faithful pet Dragon gone? Maybe he's been stolen by the Tree Witch! Help her get him back on this fantastical adventure...but watch out for Slither the grumpy river snake!!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a superhero! Join our heroes on an adventure to remember as you help them to defeat Professor P and save the world from his lasers of doom! With male and female heroes to choose from, we've got something for everyone!
Way out West
Join Cowboy Pop as they try to find out who took the town's Gold! A rootin' tootin' adventure with plenty of fun, your little ones will be yee-hawin' the whole way home! But don't be eatin' too many of them cowboy beans now....pheee-yew!
Ice princess
Can you help our Ice Princess find her sister Ana and return to their magical kingdom? With all of your favourite songs plus some great games, you'll definitely want to build a snowman…
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Space warrior
Our Space fighters need your help to defeat the evil Dark Lord and bring peace to the galaxy once more! Can you sneak past the forces of evil? Travel through Space? And where on EARTH is your trusty robot sidekick?!?
Poppy the Fairy
Discover a world of magic and wonder with Poppy the Fairy! She's lost all of her magic and needs your help to get it back! With songs and lots of the usual silliness, this party is perfect for funny fairies and cheeky pixies alike!
Poppy Party
Here's Poppy with some serious hair-raising fun! She needs help to rescue her best friends from the Chef's kitchen and she can't do it without you!
Ghost Buster
Pip needs your help to explore the haunted house and catch those ghosts! Go on a ghoulish adventure as you travel through the spooky swamp, creep past the ghosty guards and discover what's inside! Who ya gonna call?
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"We can not be happier with our 5 year old sons party today. Superman (Jonny) was fantastic. He kept a hall full of 30 children completely engaged and entertained from start to finish. All the parents were so impressed with him and all the kids had such a fun time. Highly recommend. Thank you very much! Very talented and professional, big thumbs up!"
Serena, Dorking

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Children have amazing imaginations, and here at Poppy's Parties we are here to make their favourite characters come to life! Let them go on an exciting Pirate adventure, rescue a Princess from a impregnable fortress, or help zig zog the space alien get home! Full of song, dance and plenty of games, our parties fire the imagination and are sure to enthrall and entrance your child and their guests. Click on the pictures below to find out more!
We can offer these parties in a wide variety of areas, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and London!
"Oh wow! Where do I start! How do you get a stress free chilled yet completely engrossing party for 18 3 year olds. I’ll tell you how ... Poppies Parties. Sophie (the Mermaid) was just outstanding and kept all the kids (and parents) engaged for over an hour. But not only that the whole service from enquiry, booking to the event was professional, friendly and first class. I just wish there were more stars to rate them!"
Rebecca, Hove
Underwater Adventure
Join Poppy the Mermaid on a fantastic underwater adventure and help her rescue her treasure from the Deep Sea Creature! Great fun for Mini Mermaids and Mermen alike!
Rumble in the Jungle
Especially perfect for smaller ones, why not invite a tiger to tea? Let Tizzy the Tiger or Zazzy the Zebra take you on an exciting adventure through the jungle as they look for their lost friend Polly the Parrot! Watch out for that cheeky lizard, George, though!
Treasure Island
Do you have a bunch of budding buccaneers ready to take on the seven seas! Pirate P will take you on a truly nautical adventure with lots of thrills and spills along the way- shiver me timbers and a yo,ho,ho!
Wizards and Witches
Our Witches and Wizards need your help at Wizarding school- it seems they've lost the special potion and don't know where to find it! Maybe you can help them? Make sure you don't disturb grumpy professor Snicket though!
Ask about our potion making parties!
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Alice in Wonderland
Down, down, down...Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole and needs help to get home! Meet all the weird and wonderful characters along the way and help Alice find Dinah! A magical adventure sure to delight all ages.
Dinosaur Explorer
Think you know your dinosaurs? Put your dino knowledge to the test and join Pip on a jurassic-tastic adventure to rescue the T-Rex egg from Professor P's Island! Only for the very bravest of explorers!!
Spy Party
M16 is in trouble- the nasty Professor P has infected the spies with a deadly virus and now Pip the spy needs new recruits to get the antidote and save the world!
Paw Patrol
Jump into Adventureland where Poppy needs some help finding one of the naughty lost puppies who's gone missing! And of course, there's lots of silly games and fun along the way too!
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Princess Pirate
Pirate Princess Poppy's lost her treasure- and she's pretty sure she knows who took it! Help her to get her gold back from the Deep Sea Creature and have an exciting adventure on the high seas while you do! Watch out for Stinky Pirate Pete and his Broccoli feet, though- Pheew-ey!
Astro- Adventure
Poppy and Pip the Astronauts need help rescuing their Alien friend from Zig-Zag, ruler of the planet Noom! Perfect for any little space cadets, this party is full of fun space facts, fun and games!
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Unicorn Fairy
Uh-Oh! Poppy the Unicorn Fairy has had Steve the Unicorn Stolen by the Old Tree Witch and needs your help to get him back to Cloudland! Join this fabulous fairy on an adventure like no other, full of fun, games and excitement!
Dance Fantastic Party!
Is your child the next Darcy Bussell? let Madame Popov take you on an amazing journey through dance! With songs, games and of course, lots of dancing, this is the perfect party for any budding ballerina!
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