Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions which are applicable when booking your party. For more information please contact us at hello@poppysparties.co.uk

Poppy’s Parties Terms and Conditions

Booking Parties

-Parties are confirmed on a 'first come, first served' basis and are subject to availability.

- Parties cannot be confirmed without timings and a venue in place. 

- We cannot confirm any party booking until the 30% deposit has been made and the booking contract has been signed. Parties must be paid for in full at least 4 days prior to the event. We cannot take final payments on the day or in cash. 

- Payment for parties can be made via bank transfer, Paypal Invoice or the online payment portal. 

- Poppys Parties cannot guarantee a specific entertainer, however requests are welcome.

- Costume and appearance of entertainers may vary slightly from photos due to individuals. Please note that Poppy's Parties will not hire in additional costumes to those in their themes unless specifically agreed before booking. 

- The price quoted for Party Entertainers includes one Party Entertainer.

- Due to Health and Safety, Party Entertainers can only be responsible for a maximum of 30 Children. Any more will require another entertainer with an additional cost. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to the maximum number of children being no more than 30 at your party. 

- The price quoted at the time of booking is the price that the company (Poppy’s Parties) and the consumer (you) agree upon and must be paid as such. The agreed price cannot be used with other offers (seasonal or otherwise) discounts, or promotions. The price quoted is non-negotiable. 

- Poppy's parties entertainment is available in three different time slots; 1 hour, 1.5 or 2 hours. We do not offer any other time options. 
-If you have booked a bouncy castle in addition to a Poppy’s Parties entertainer, we request that during the entertainment section of the party you keep the bouncy castle switched off; this is because it's a HUGE distraction and we need to keep the children's full attention throughout so they can really enjoy their time with us!


- To the fullest extent permissible by law, Poppys Parties does not assume responsibility or liability for accidents or damages during your party.

- Our entertainers will carry out a Risk Assessment prior to the start of your party and reserve the right to discontinue if they feel the venue puts the Children at serious risk. - Poppys Parties will advise and guide on appropriate venues, however it is the ultimate responsibility of the party booker to choose an appropriate venue. 

- You can be assured the Party Entertainer will treat your guests and venue with care and the utmost respect for safety at all times, however we would ask that you act responsibly and chaperone the children at all times.

- Poppys Parties is not responsible for any illness, injury, allergic reaction or unruly behaviour during the party. It is the responsibility of the party booker and/or the guests to inform us of any allergies to foodstuffs or other substances and take the appropriate action to avoid contact with such items.

- Please ensure your party starts at the scheduled time. The Party Entertainers are contracted to work for a certain amount of time and unless otherwise agreed cannot work over this time. We would generally recommend you book the entertainer to start 15-30 minutes after the guests arrive.

- Poppy's Parties endeavour to deliver high energy, fun and exciting birthday parties. We aim to make your child’s day truly special and therefore use a lot of games and drama workshop-style activities. Please therefore be aware that the children may be loud- which generally means they are having fun!

- As our parties are very drama-workshop orientated, we use our voices, energy and performance skills a lot! You can help us deliver the best possible party by doing the following;

- Ensuring that any balloons in the room are tied up and not on the floor

-If you have booked a bouncy castle in addition to a Poppy’s Parties entertainer, we request that during the entertainment section of the party you keep the bouncy castle switched off; this is because it's a HUGE distraction and we need to keep the children's full attention throughout so they can really enjoy their time with us! The less distraction the children have, the better time they will have! We would also recommend clearing the room of any toys, tricycles and if you’re having an outdoor party it’s great if you can have a party space away from play sets, paddling pools etc. Our parties are very interactive, and by providing a space where the children can focus you’ll be ensuring they can have the best possible time!

- Keeping the party space nice and clear for all of our games!

- If any parents present could keep the noise level to a minimum it helps us hugely- this will enable the children to focus on the entertainer and therefore be able to fully immerse themselves in the experience and have a wonderful time!

The Poppy’s Parties Format

- The traditional format for a unique ‘Poppy’s Party’ consists of the following: - Introduction to narrative

- Warm up and physical section
- Vocal warm up and games section
- ‘"Adventure' section to include puppets, more games and end of narrative.

(Please note, any additional games or requests must be agreed with Poppy’s Parties beforehand). 

Poppy’s Parties offer highly interactive, immersive Drama workshop-style parties with our experienced, professional performance entertainers; therefore the focus for these parties is in the delivery and leadership. Poppy’s Parties bring along some props, puppets etc, but do not provide the following:

  • -  Decorations

  • -  Snow/bubble machines

  • -  Magic tricks 

  • -  Prizes or presents (e.g pass the parcel)

  • -  DJ sound systems and additional lighting

  • -  Microphones

  • Cancellations, refunds and rescheduling

    - All deposits are non-refundable except in the case of a government directed lockdown due to Coronavirus; in this case Poppy's parties agrees to offer the customer either a full refund or to postpone the party at no additional cost.

  • -  In no instance will Poppy’s Parties Entertainers accept cash payments on the day.

- Failure to pay for your party in advance will result in the cancellation of the booking.

-All cancellations made 7 days prior to your event will result in the total amount being forfeit.

- Any change in date made 7 days prior to the event will be treated as a cancellation and the full amount will therefore be forfeit.

- Rescheduling parties are subject to availability- in the case of a child being ill or incapacitated, Poppy's Parties will reschedule the party at no additional cost to you at all. 

- In the event of adverse weather, serious illness or unforeseen circumstances on our part, we reserve the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative date. In the very unlikely event that this does happen, we will give you as much notice as possible. 

- In the very rare instance that you have had issues with your booking, please email us at hello@poppysparties.co.uk, where we will respond as quickly as possible to come to a swift resolution. If you, the client, rejects the first resolution, then a fuller investigation will have to take place, the initial step being either a face to face or telephone consultation. For more information on our refunds policy please email us at hello@poppysparties.co.uk

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.