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How we turned lockdown around- 'Best Children's entertainment business- South England'


We were absolutely delighted to wake up to some very exciting (and unexpected) news on Friday morning- we’d won Corporate Livewire’s ‘Best Children’s Entertainment business- South England’ of 2020! Of course it’s always lovely to win an award, but when you win something like this in the middle of a pandemic it’s especially poignant.

When coronavirus hit, we were on the start of an amazing road; after 3 years of tough slog, we were finally on the way to taking a bit of profit from the business and really growing it- we were ready to go! Now, I know what you’re thinking; how can you not have made profit in three years? The answer, unfortunately, is never simple, but when you take into account costumes, training costs, insurance fees, staff wages- it doesn’t leave an awful lot after all of that, even when you’ve won an award and you’re doing well! As anyone who owns a small business will tell you, it’s hard work. So as you can imagine, it was a bit of a blow to be on track for our best year ever and then have it suddenly taken away. However, I’m not really the kind of person to sit around and feel sorry for myself; I decided that I just needed to get on with it.

I bought a green screen, learnt how to use it with Zoom virtual backgrounds, practised hosting the parties, ensuring everyone could hear me, adding in music etc- and I didn’t look back. It’s been an amazing learning experience during lockdown- online parties are very different to the physical ones, and there are different demands and challenges- but I really have gained so many new skills which I’ll definitely be teaching all my team. Not only that, but by being able to offer these online parties, we’ve been able to go international: a couple of weeks ago we had guests all in one party from the UK, South Africa, UAE and Australia all at one time!

It was how we pivoted the business which really impressed the judges; they said:

The judges were impressed with your personal nature, consistency of reviews and overall attentiveness. The passion for what you do really comes across and I hope this achievement brings more success during these difficult times! : )”

It means a lot to have been recognised in this way, and to say that once again we are an award winning company! I’ve always put a lot into this, so I’m totally over the moon that my hard work, dedication and commitment to still providing a magical experience to children has been recognised.


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