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"Take a nice photo...A NICE ONE!' We scream, trying to keep it together long enough to get just ONE photo of the little darlings without a finger up a nostril (possibly not even their own), or a tear in sight. But fear not! Our lovely friend Rebecca of 'Photography for little people by Rebecca' is here to show you how to take the perfect party pics without having to get your glow on. "I get asked this question a LOT," Says Rebecca, "“How do you get such natural shots of kids at parties?”; having taken a lot of photos I have found a few tips and tricks that make the whole thing a lot smoother."

1. Plan!

You don’t want to spend the whole party taking photos as you will want to be a part of the action, experiencing it with your little ones, plus hosting everyone else. What are the key points you want to remember? Focus on these. Rather than take hundreds of photos that will sit on your hard drive - take photos at key times - quality over quantity.

2. Blend in!

Do you find that as the camera comes out, they turn the cheese on? My kids do. Try and blend in and take from a distance so as not to be seen; this is particularly great when they are with their entertainer. Use natural light where possible to avoid them being distracted by the flash.

3. Delegate!

Be in the picture - especially you mummy! Ask a trusted friend or relative to take pictures especially of blowing out the candles, as they are lovely memories and your children will want to see you in the pictures when they look back.

4. Get down!

Not dancing….but by all means go for it! Get down on your knees, on your hands, on your tummy to capture the world from their perspective. This will create photos full of their faces rather than tops of heads!!

5. Be prepared to play!

For the images you want of them looking at camera to show off their birthday outfit or their fancy dress you need to engage with them. Pull faces, play peekaboo, and if you have a 4 year old shout POO! It gets the laughing every time!

If you're still not sure about taking your own pictures then why not take the stress off and hire Rebecca for your next party? As well as taking amazing photos, she can also present them in a digital format, on canvas or in one of her gorgeous photo books. For more information, check out her website at

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