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Fishing Rabbit at a Children's Party in London, Surrey, Sussex
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Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to our most asked questions, but if you can't find what you're looking for then give us a shout using the form above.

  • What do Poppy's Parties Entertainers actually do?

Poppy's Parties Entertainers will turn up to your party in full costume and for the duration of their allocated time, take your children through a magical world using song, dance, role-play and creative games! Our aim is to give your child and their guests a magical day and we do this through their own imaginations! Although there is a little storyline, it's worth noting that it's not a storytelling party- all of our parties are super high energy and lots of fun! Please not that unless you have booked a package, it is not Poppy's responsibility to find a venue or provide decorations; we would recommend you confirm a venue before you go ahead and book an entertainer. 

  • How long will the activities last?

The activities will last for as long as you have booked your Party Entertainer, sometimes with a break for food and drink depending on how long the booking is. You can book a party leader for additional time but this will be an additional cost.


  • Can the parents stay and watch?

We usually reccomend that only the party organiser stays and watches the party (excluding Petit Poppys), as having their parents around can make children shy and self-concious. However we are also aware that it's nice to stay and watch too! We would just ask that as the organiser, you ask all the parents to keep the noise level to a minimum- this really helps us to delver the best party we possibly can! 


  • Can I ask the Entertainer to stay longer?

You cannot ask the entertainer to stay longer on the day itself, however you are more than welcome to book them for a longer time in advance! If you are unsure on how long a party to go for, feel free to ask- we love to help! 


  • What if I'm running late?

Please let us know if you're running behind schedule- the entertainers are contracted to work the allocated time slot agreed in the booking and we therefore can't change the times on them last minute. As a guide, we usually reccomend that you book the entertainer to start the party around 15 minutes after all of your guests have arrived.


  • When will my Entertainer arrive?

Your Party Entertainer will arrive around 20 minutes before their scheduled start time to set up and go through any last minute details with you. They will bring everything they need, so all you need to sort out is a space for them and potentially a little table where they can put their props!


  • Where can I hold a Poppy's Party?

We are happy to hold a party anywhere that doesn't pose a risk to children and is of a large enough space for them to comfortably move around. Things to be aware of are sharp corners, open plan kitchens, doors which open directly on to the garden, or stairs. If you are unsure please contact us and we will be happy to offer advice.


  • What happens at the end of the party?

At the end of the party your Party Entertainer will hand out the Party Certificates (hopefully with the help of the birthday boy/girl!) and check that everything went well for you. Please be honest- we want to give you the best experience and really value your feedback!

  • How many children can I invite? 

Due to health and safety, we can only have a maximum of 30 children to one entertainer; this is to ensure that everyone can have a great time in the safest possible way. We also feel that for our particular style of party, 30 children as a maximum works really well, but if you'd like more we can bring along a party assistant (at an additional cost). 

  • How do I know Poppy's Party Entertainers will be good?

Poppy's Parties operate an intense audition and training programme to ensure we only employ the best of the best. All of our Entertainers are trained professionals with a real passion for what they do- you can rest assured that everyone we employ loves birthday parties as much as your child does!

We are also passionate about delivering parties with a difference; we want your child to be transported and use their imagination, get creative, have fun and really feel involved in the experience! We believe that by using drama techniques and games and our special party style we really do deliver a party like no other.